MyGSM 1.87

The MyGSM is program for access to functions of gsm mobile phone
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The MyGSM is program for access to functions of gsm mobile phone. It allows to send and receive the SMS, notify about new SMS's and calls. It does not need to install a special driver for access to your phone mobile. The your mobile phone should have any link interface (bluetooth, IrDA, USB, serial port and so on) with real or virtual serial port. MyGSM monitors state of connection and can detect when phone is available. If you have mobile with bluetooth interface you can leave phone in your pocket and MyGSM will work with this phone when it is possible.
Key Features:
- Monitoring the state of connection. Auto detect when mobile phone is available.
- Various notifications about changes of state.
- Show general information about connected phone (manufacturer, model, IMEI etc.)
- Show dialed, received and missed calls
- Access to Phone Book of the mobile device on SIM card and internal memory. Management of records of Phone Books. Quick search of records.
- Send SMS from visual interface and by command line.
- Logging of events.
- Automatisation. It can run external commands and applications with various command line and macros on gsm events.

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